Molly Keating

About Molly Keating's Work:

Molly guides individuals and organizations through conflicted territory. The landscape often includes issues of respect, communication, assumptions, fairness, limited resources, change, conflicting styles, misperceptions, and/or stress.

When Molly begins work with a group she listens to understand what might be contributing to the tension. She usually conducts a written or face-to-face assessment. Then she works with the organization to plan a strategy for improvement. This plan might include facilitating team meetings or retreats, coaching supervisors and managers, mediating between individuals, and/or conducting customized skill building sessions. She measures the progress of the group and collects feedback to ensure the durability of the work. Molly finds that her clients create great solutions once the issues are addressed.

If you're interested in finding out how Molly can assist you, call her at 503-349-8247, or email her for a free consultation.